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Digital Images


Full resolution digital images are available for this event.  Digital images are provided on CD-R disc and are therefore subject to shipping charges.


Pricing for full resolution digital images is as follows:


Number of Images


1st image


2nd - 5th images

$7.50 each

6th+ images

$5 each



Number of Images Price
1 $20.00
2 $27.50
3 $35.00
4 $42.50
5 $50.00
6 $55.00
7 $60.00
8 $65.00
9 $70.00
10 $75.00


A special offer of $75 for all digital images of a single dog from the 2008 AAC Nationals is available.  This offer includes any non-competition photos that include your dog.  Please contact CL Photography for pricing if you have more than 1 dog and wish to purchase the digital images.


If you are interested in digital images please contact

2008 AAC Nationals DVD Slideshow


45 minute + running time, viewable on your TV via your DVD player.  $25 + shipping.


If you are interested in the DVD Slideshow please contact


2008 AAC Nationals 20" x 30" Poster


130 individual photos from the event




Customized to include up to 5 images of your dog.


Order Form - Click Here

Personalized Print Products

Personalized print products can be created on request using one or more photos and may include writing and / or logos. These products are available from 8 x 10 to 20 x 30 depending on the image(s) selected. Please see the following poster samples:


30x20 inches (other sizes available)


Order Form - Click Here


30x12 inches


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8x24 inches


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Please contact CL Photography with your request for any custom personalized print products, other than listed above, and we will be happy to provide you with a price and ordering instructions.